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Venice festival 2018

No one could accuse the Venice Festival, one of the oldest in the world, of trying to ape Cannes. But if the French festival is still considered the best in the world, Venice is fast catching up. Year after year,

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75th Venice International Film Festival

The 75th Venice Festival has recently managed to trump Cannes where its opening films are concerned. Gravity and La La Land won Oscars and no doubt Damien Chazelle’s The First Man, the story of Armstrong’s moon landing, will get nominated

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Venice Awards 2016: A big prize for a long film

Do Film festival awards mean anything anymore? Some doubt it if the successful film is American and full of stars. That sort of movie will find its way with or without prizes at Berlin, Cannes and Venice, the three major

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Fact as fiction or fiction as fact?

How do you dramatise history on film without adding a large dollop of fiction to the mix? Many have tried and most have failed. But Pablo Larraín succeeds better than many with Jackie, the story of Jackie Kennedy, giving an

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The Young Pope, Hacksaw Ridge & Nocturnal Animals

Jude Law as the first American Pope? Diane Keaton as the faithful nun who looks after him? It strains the credulity more than a bit. But maverick Italian Paolo Sorrentino is the director, so we must always expect the unexpected.

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Venice Film Festival: Film Reviews

You have to take the rough with the smooth at film festivals. Sometimes the films are so impenetrable that boos break out among those left by the end. Sometimes the applause lasts for a full two minutes and nobody leaves

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La La Land, Venice opener

It wasn’t much of a surprise that the 73rd Venice Film Festival cancelled its opening night party on the Lido in deference to the victims of the Italian earthquake victims. The oldest, most venerable festival in the world invariably makes

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71st Venice Film Festival

No one could say that this year’s Venice Festival was a vintage affair. There were too few films of real stature and, long before the end of its programme, there were many who wondered where the next good movie was

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The Sound and the Fury

You have to be highly ambitious or a little mad even to contemplate adapting William Faulkner’s complicated classic, The Sound and the Fury, to the screen. In which bracket you place actor-director James Franco depends upon your view of his

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Rating: It is almost impossible to defeat Shakespeare, however much you update his plots or murder his language for contemporary purposes. Even Bollywood has had a go. American director Michael Almereyda, whose cinematic version of Hamlet starred Ethan Hawke, uses

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