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Almodovar and the Dardennes Brothers

Almodovar, monarch of the Spanish cinema for some thirty years, has never won the coveted Palme D’Or at Cannes but keeps on trying. Sadly, it is unlikely that his luck will change with Julieta, his new film. It displays much

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Cannes review — Paterson

You wouldn’t expect Jim Jarmusch, that eminent stylist of the American independent cinema, to make a movie about a New Jersey bus driver who writes poetry. Nor would you imagine that a bulldog he owns called Marvin gets so annoyed

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Hands of Stone etc

Robert De Niro, receiving a special tribute for his career at Cannes this year, screened his latest film to some applause on Tuesday. Hands of Stone, directed by Venezuelan writer-director Jonathan Jakubowicz, has De Niro as the veteran trainer of

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The Transfiguration and Personal Shopper

You do not expect vampire movies and ghost stories at the Cannes Festival. But this time round we got both. The most impressive of the two new films was New Yorker Michael O’Shea’s The Transfiguration, in which Milo, a black teenager

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Loach and co at Cannes

There are few certainties at Cannes. But one of them is that British veteran Ken Loach will get an ovation for any new film he cares to put before us. The last time he was at Cannes with Jimmy’s Hall,

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Cannes Opener: Café Society

If you never know what you are going to get from Woody Allen, a director who writes notes on an old typewriter which do not always translate into great movies, the same could be said for the Cannes Festival’s opening

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Mr Holmes

Rating: In his book A Slight Trick of the Mind, Mitch Cullin saw Sherlock Holmes as an old man past 90 who regrets the silly legends that have grown around him and, in his rather testy retirement, tries to solve

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Knight of Cups

Rating: Everyone, even the greatest director, is entitled to one bad film. But it is still a shock to discover that Terrence Malick is capable of a rotten egg like Knight of Cups. It presents Christian Bale as a successful

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Diary of a Chambermaid

Rating: Benoit Jacquot’s Diary of a Chambermaid — the fourth adaptation of the Mirbeau novel already made famous on the screen by Renoir and Buñuel — has Lea Seydoux as the young chambermaid, sent from Paris into the provinces to

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Ixcanul Volcano

Rating: Guatamalian director Jayro Bustamante’s first feature has Maria, a 17-year-old Mayan peasant girl, betrothed by her parents to the foreman of a local farm, made pregnant by a coffee harvester and hoping to escape with him to the States.

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