Month: January 2015

Au Revoir les Enfants No film-maker emanating from the French New Wave of cinema made a more popular film than 1987’s Au Revoir les Enfants, a worldwide success for director and screenwriter Louis Malle. The film, re-released this week, is set within a

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La Maison de la Radio

If the BBC, for all its perceived faults, is one of Britain’s most cherished institutions, Radio France is the French equivalent. Nicolas Philibert’s affectionate film, La Maison de la Radio, which premiered in Berlin in 2013 and is now released

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Duck Soup

I saw 1933’s Duck Soup for the first time at the Hampstead Everyman in the early Sixties, and not long afterwards briefly met one of its stars, Groucho Marx. I told him that the packed audience laughed so much that

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The Last of the Unjust

Having spent an extraordinary nine-and-a-half hours detailing the complicity of ordinary Germans in the Final Solution in his 1985 documentary Shoah, director Claude Lanzmann spends the somewhat shorter time of three-and-a-half hours in The Last of the Unjust, telling us

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