Month: October 2014

Zabriskie Point

No one could deny that Antonioni, who died in 2007, was a remarkable film-maker. But there are plenty who say that Zabriskie Point, the first film he made in the United States, for MGM in 1970, was his worst. Even

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The Blue Room

Georges Simenon wrote more than 200 books, from which at least 50 films have been adapted. One of the most original is Mathieu Amalric’s The Blue Room, coming in under 80 minutes and without a single extraneous shot in it.

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Treasures at the BFI London Film Festival

There was a time, not so long ago, when the restoration of classic films was thought to be either too expensive or hardly worth the trouble. That this is a happier era is spectacularly emphasised by this collection of treasures

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Le Jour Se Lève

Together with the remarkable Les Enfants du Paradis, Le Jour Se Lève (now re-released in a splendid new print) remains one of the great achievements of pre-war French cinema. And Jean Gabin’s performance in the central role has ensured the

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